Windows 10 Compatibility for PMDG products

With the advent of Windows 10, we want to give a quick overview of our support for this latest version of the operating system.  Nearly all PMDG products are fully and completely compatible with Win10, requiring no special tips,tricks or techniques.
Products Fully Compatible with Win10:
Our latest generation of products (those released from September 2009 and onward) are fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • PMDG 777 product line for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D. (all products)
  • PMDG 737NGX product line for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D. (all products)
  • PMDG BAe JS4100 product line for FSX.
  • All PMDG products released after Windows 10 release in 2015.
If you are using the above products, you should have no trouble with them in Windows 10.
Products Not Fully Compatible with Win10:
Our older generation of products appear to run perfectly fine for nearly all users in Win10.  We have had about 1% of users report that the products will "suddenly stop working" with an error message.  After many hours of research we have been unable to determine what causes this problem, and for this reason we are no listing these products as being fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • All products for FS2004.  (These products have gone End-of-Life and are no longer supported.)
  • PMDG 747-400X for Flight Simulator X.
  • PMDG MD-11X for Flight Simulator X.
While users may find that these products work perfectly well under Windows 10, use of these products under the Win10 environment is "at the user's own risk."  We are unable to offer support in the event that the product fails to run, or ceases to run under Windows 10.
NOTE:  We have found that customers who upgrade from Win7 to Win10 directly, or who conduct a clean install of Windows 10 have a lower instance of trouble than customers who upgrade or migrate via Win8.  (Win8 was never officially supported by PMDG for any product due to compatibility problems.)