Troubleshooting CTDs (Crash To Desktop)

We've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to reproduce the CTDs that some of our users have reported. The following might help a few of you with discoveries that we made during the course of our efforts. This information may not help all of you, but it's worth sharing none-the-less...

We do not feel that we are looking for a problem with the 747-400 any longer. After using Remote Assistance and some other tools to examine user machines, we are relatively certain that we are looking for issues triggered by items external to the -400, but internal to the FS9 sphere. (By sphere we mean FS9 and all installed addons.)

We may also be looking for some type of hardware pattern that has yet to emerge - but we have found a few.....

We have found the following circumstances that will trigger a CTD:

CTD: Render To Texture

If the following appears in your FS9.CFG:


You may very likely experience a CTD with almost any freeware/commercial aircraft/scenery addon that has ANY non 32bit textures located anywhere in the product. This seems to be most common with custom cloud packages and weather programs that update the cloud formations to make them look more realistic but also may be triggered by some scenery packages, aircraft liveries, etc.

There is a lengthy explanation for what this setting does, but the explanation boils down to this: If you are going to install ANY ADDON for FS9, you are better served by leaving this box CHECKED in your FS9 Options/Settings/Hardware menu. (Note, you must follow the instructions below to solve the problem, checking/unchecking the box in the menu does not guarantee the fix will take.)

Resolution For Render To Texture CTD

  1. Open your FS9.cfg file in a text editor such as Notepad. You must have 'show hidden folders' enabled in Control Panel\Folder Options. Then look in Documents and Settings\<your name here>\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\FS9.cfg under Windows XP or Users\<your name here>\Application Data\Microsoft\Roaming\FS9\FS9.cfg in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  2. Search for the word "render".
  3. If you find an instance of rendertotexture=0 delete the entire line.
  4. Conduct the search again. If your FS9.cfg is old, it may have more than one instance of this. Delete any additional lines you find.
  5. Save FS9.cfg.
  6. Restart FS9.

CTD: Missing TCAS2V7.dll

We have been able to verify that there are a number of commercial and freeware addons besides our own that are also using I. Lee Hetherington's magnificent TCAS system. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the freeware and commercial vendors have not established their installer properties carefully and if you uninstall their airplane, they also delete the TCAS2V7.dll.

This renders any other aircraft using the TCAS2V7.dll inoperative and results in a CTD.

Resolution For Missing TCASV27.dll CTD

  1. Go to your root FS9 root directory.
  2. Look for the file: TCAS2V7.dll
  3. If the file is missing skip to step 6.
  4. If the file is present, right click on it and select Properties/Version. The version should be
  5. If you have the file present AND it is the correct version, this is not affecting you. If it is not present OR the version is older than, then:
  6. The simplest way to replace the dll is to open your original 747-400 installer (not the updater) and run the installer. Select "Repair" from the menu that appears and it should find and replace that missing dll. Once the installer has completed it's task- repeat the steps in this sequence to ensure you have the correct dll present.

CTD: Missing FS9 Traffic dlls

We have found that a few users machines were missing dlls that are required by FS9 in order to run. We are assuming that these dlls were accidentally removed by a freeware/commercial installer, although we have not been able to identify the guilty installer.

Resolution For Missing FS9 Traffic dlls

  1. Navigate to Flight Simulator 9/Modules
  2. Look for the following two files: Traffic.dll and TrafficInfo.dll
  3. If these files are missing you will experience a CTD.
  4. We do not have a resolution as we cannot distribute these files to you, you will need to extract them off of your FS9 install CDs.

Reinstalling and Other Addons to Troubleshoot CTDs

On final note, we've seen a few of you completely wipe out FS9, reinstall all of your addons, install the 744-400, and then report back that "it still doesn't work." We'd ask that if you do this you reverse the order please and install the 747-400 FIRST, verify that the problem is gone, then test it again after each addon installation. Eventually you will find the one that caused the 747-400 to stop working. If you report that back to us we can try to duplicate and possibly determine why.