How do I perfom an autoland?

The basic procedure:

  1. Ensure the ILS is properly tuned and receiving.
  2. Intercept the localizer at a 30° angle and below the glideslope. 12nm out is a good point to aim for.
  3. Once established on the localizer, press APP to arm the glideslope capture mode.
  4. At 1500 feet radio altitude, all three autopilot CMD lights will illuminate and you'll see LAND 3 as well as FLARE and ROLLOUT modes annunciated on the FMA. Remember to arm the spoilers and autobrakes.
  5. Retard your physical PC throttle to idle before the flare, engage the thrust reversers after touchdown and allow the plane to decelerate.
  6. Disconnect the autopilot and autothrottle and exit the runway on the first availiable high-speed taxiway.