Spoiler operation on the 737NG series after upgrading to the 800/900

The latent spoiler logic within MSFS is highly unrealistic. In order to model the three spoiler mechnanisms (spoilerons/flight spoilers/ground spoilers) we have added a significant amount of logic that overrides the latent MSFS controller. Sometimes this works well, and sometimes it does not. We are finding that it depends mostly on how the user interfaces with the spoilers - and while we will continue to refine this logic in order to make it behave seamlessly, we have some "best practices" for crews in the meantime.

Arm the spoilers only in the 2D Throttle panel but using the mouse to drag the spoiler handle to the ARM position. From this point, you can use the "/" key to deploy and stow the spoilers if you wish. (You can also deploy the spoilers from the DOWN position using the "." key at any time.) Note that when you stow the spoilers using the "/" key, they will return to their previous position. (either DOWN or ARM)