J41 default flight related issues

FSX actually loads whatever aircraft you have set as the default in the background while the sim loads.  When the default flight is another complex aircraft (or even a different livery of the same one you're trying to load), it confuses FSX's internal panel state system and can result in numerous strange errors such as but not limited to:
  • The FMS not turning on 
  • Other aircraft systems not powering up 
  • Engine shutdown after turning the pumps off
To ensure that you have the correct default start up configuration, please check for the following:
  1. If running Windows Vista or Windows 7,  Right Click on the FSX Icon and select "Run as Administrator" from the drop down menu.  This will ensure that FSX is loaded with proper administrative privileges.

  2. Start FSX and select Free Flight. Check that the default AirCreation Trike ultralight at Friday Harbor is displayed.

    If it is not, you need to shut down FSX, open your FSX.cfg file (located at C:\Users\(Your User Name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX in Windows Vista or 7 or C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX in Windows XP) in Notepad and run a search for "SITUATION" - a line should be found under the [USERINTERFACE] section of the cfg - this is the current default flight.  Simply delete this whole line from and save the file.  This will reset the default flight to the Trike at Friday Harbor.

  3. Once you have ensured that you have the correct default flight showing in the Free Flight window, you may proceed with loading the J41 from Free Flight by pressing Fly Now, which will load it at the selected airport with the engines running. 

    From there you can load saved flights from within the sim. (this is due to the FSX quirk mentioned in the manual - do not try to load a saved J41 flight directly from Free Flight, it will cause problems - you must load the sim first)
Taking these steps should solve 99% of the strange issues we've seen reported with the J41.  If it doesn't solve your issue, please submit a support ticket.